Legal Marketing Services

Focussed on growing your firm

1st4Law from I-COM provides marketing services to some of the fastest growing law firms in the country.

We understand the issues law firms' face because of changing regulations and the need to be able to capture clients quickly and effectively.

Your local reputation and presence on the high street is no longer enough to bring in new clients, your marketing activities need to be co-ordinated and focussed on the one key goal of generating new business.

We can help your law firm stand out in the crowded marketplace for legal services. Call us now on 0161 402 3170 or use our contact form to get in touch.

We're not just online

We started out focussed on delivering great web results, however, as our clients have grown we've been asked to undertake more and more traditional marketing work. As well as delivering online clients we can now help your firm with all its marketing collateral from exhibition stand design through to brochure production.

Read more about our specialist services for law firms aimed at helping your business grow

If you have any questions or would like more information call us now on 0161 402 3170.