North West Law Firms Among Top Ten Legal Tweeters


Three North West law firms have been named in a top ten list of the most influential Twitter users in the legal profession across the country

JMW Solicitors, Ralli Solicitors and Ashcroft Whiteside all feature on the list, which was compiled by Manchester-based online marketing firm I-COM, based on an analysis of the Twitter streams of the most active 800 law firms nationwide.

The list uses scores provided by, a website that rates Twitter users according to engagement, influence and audience size. In other words, the top ten interact on Twitter more often than other law firms and have more people following and sharing their tweets.

I-COM compiled the list in response to an earlier report by Flagship Consulting, which identified an ‘Alternative Hot 100’, based on firms’ overall social media activity. The I-COM team was surprised at the absence from the Flagship list of a number of law firms it knew used Twitter frequently and very well. .

Mike Blackburn, operations director of I-COM, commented: “The North West business community as a whole is very active on Twitter and we know that some law firms in the region are leading the way.

“It’s not just marketing and digital companies that have spotted the business opportunities that come from engaging with influencers and potential clients on the social network.”

The top ten list of law firms on twitter, compiled by I-COM, is as follows:

  1. Woolley & Co (@woolleyandco)  Klout Score: 58
  2. Silverman Sherliker  (@London_law_Firm)  Klout Score:48
  3. Ascroft Whiteside  (@aswsolicitors)  Klout Score:48
  4. JMW  (@jmwsolicitors)  Klout Score:48
  5. Blacks Solicitors  (@callenblacks)  Klout Score:47
  6. Quality Solicitors  (@qual_solicitors)  Klout Score:46
  7. DLA Piper  (@dla_piper_news)  Klout Score:45
  8. Ralli  (@rallisolicitors)  Klout Score:45
  9. Azrights  (@azrights)  Klout Score:45
  10. Allen & Overy  (@allenovery)  Klout Score:44

I-COM specialises in providing online marketing services to the legal sector. Currently, 52 different legal businesses use the company for SEO (search engine optimisation), social media marketing, PPC, web design or web development services to help them significantly improve their online presence, making I-COM one of the most experienced digital marketing specialists in the industry.

Established in 2005, it now employs 30 people at its Manchester city centre offices. Key clients away from the legal sector include Dreams, Confetti and Magnus.

The company has enjoyed a raised profile in recent months. It has launched a new-look website at and its campaigns have been nominated in categories at both the DADI and the Some Comms awards.