clough_willis2.pngClough & Willis Solicitors Case Study

The Client

Clough & Willis Solicitors is a commercial, corporate and private client law firm based in Bury, Greater Manchester. Employing over 60 people across two offices, Clough & Willis Solicitors is one of the leading legal firms in the North West of England.

The firm’s partners approached the 1st4Law team at I=COM after they realised that the internet presented a fantastic opportunity to increase their revenue through sourcing clients and delivering their services online.

The Clough & Willis team therefore decided to invest in a variety of online projects and activities in order to target specific markets and opportunities.

The Brief

website-design.pngClough & Willis Solicitors had decided that they wanted to bring a traditional law firm into the 21st century with a site that current users would find easy to use and navigate.

The firm’s old site had a basic structure that was slowly beginning to weaken due to the number of people visiting the site. Furthermore, the back end of the site proved limiting to both Clough & Willis and the 1st4Law team as it was almost impossible to edit or upload content in order to fully optimise pages.

Clough & Willis wanted a site that would effectively communicate to, and engage with, their target audience whilst at the same time pleasing the search engines, and therefore we were asked to develop a new image for the firm, one that represented a modern day law firm with traditional values. This resulted in us working on a new design, development and SEO for the firm.

The Solution

We worked on improving three key areas of the website.

CMS: Our development team built a new content management system that enabled Clough & Willis to easily edit and optimise content, meta tags and descriptions and keywords. This resulted in the Clough & Willis saving time and money in the long run as it allowed them to easily edit their site and upload fresh, optimised content.

A New Design: The overall look and feel for the site was something that the our design team took into careful consideration. Whilst working hard to incorporate Clough & Willis’s brand values, we created a traditional legal website with a modern twist.

Improved Usability: Usability was a key function within the scope of this project, as one of the aims was to develop a site that was easy to navigate around for the company’s new online audience. Both the 1st4Law team and Clough & Willis wanted to create a simple and efficient usability structure for their audience, and therefore decided to segment their legal services into corporate, commercial and private sectors for their customers.

The Results

The development of the content management system for Clough & Willis has had a positive effect. We are now able to edit and fully optimise content to deliver pages that are perfectly tailored to visitors’ searches.

Also, the change in the navigation of the site and segmentation of personal and corporate sectors meant that visitor numbers increased by +15.55% over the 6 month period of January 2011 to July 2011, when compared to June 2010 to December 2010.

The site has also seen positive results from the ongoing SEO work at I-COM. Comparing the same 6 month period, the number of people completing the online contact form and getting in touch with Clough & Willis increased by +60.00. There was also a significant increase in the number of people contacting Clough & Willis by telephone.

Clough & Willis Solicitors’s website has also started to achieve rankings within the top 10 listings in Google (in some instances they are ranking number 1) for relevant key terms, in direct competition with some of the larger legal firms in the Manchester area. As of 17/08/2011, the rankings appeared as follows:


These positive search engine results are largely the result of our SEO team’s ongoing linkbuilding activities.

Two and a half years after the site launch the 1st4Law SEO team continues to achieve positive results for Clough & Willis.