Internet Marketing for Law Firms

The 1st4Law internet marketing experts at I-COM can help your legal website deliver free enquiries. With a proven track record, delivering fantastic results for our legal clients, you can rely on us to introduce new prospects to your firm.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our case studies and testimonials from satisfied legal clients.

Online Marketing Specialists

I-COM’s internet marketing professionals work with regional and national law firms. We provide law firms with a wide range of internet marketing services, including:

Internet Marketing that Produces Results

We back up our claim that we offer the best internet marketing for law firms in the UK, with some hard, fast results.

  • Our work for Pannone LLP produced 153 first-place listings and 361 first-page listings in and within one month.
  • Subsequently, visits to increased by 308%.
  • Our recent re-design of JMW Solicitors’ website improved the bounce rate by more than 10% overnight, and the number of pages visited increased by over 33%.
  • As we begin to improve the content, we have already seen the average number of pages viewed by visitors more than double, from 3.02 to 6.60

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